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As stated in the passport, my name is Rohprimardho. My parents call me Ardho. So that holds also for everyone else. Born in Jakarta, Indonesia, in the year of 1987. Currently, I live in Zaandam, The Netherlands with my wife, Indri. Accompanied by two goldfishes, Daq and Laboon. Manchester United FC fans and love reading. Love to bake and cook as well.

A few years back, I wrote. A lot. I already have a blog before in blogspot and a few more that too embarrassing to mention. Now, I try to prickle my old (supposedly good as well) habit by starting this blog. I have no specific niche to write. Might as well write a recipe of a cake that I just baked, or things I saw on the road.

Feel free to contact me via social media (Facebook and Twitter) or you can also use the contact form. If you want to have secrecy, you can use my PGP public key here.

Have fun.

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