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Naju medhi

During a leadership course led by her, Naju Medhi mentioned this. She did mention that she read this from the book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey. So probably the citation should go to Stephen R. Covey.

However, Naju brought that sentence in a way that somehow I just cannot forget it.

How to request Let’s Encrypt wildcard certificate?


I am tired getting the certificate error every time I access my servers at home. Those servers have no access to the public network. I need to create the certificate manually.


Certbot is a free, open source software tool for automatically using Let’s Encrypt certificates on manually-administrated websites to enable HTTPS. This will be used to create the TLS certificates which then will be installed on the internal servers.


Let’s install Certbot using Brew

brew install certbot

I don’t have any servers with port 80 open but I have access to my DNS. So I use DNS installation method in which you need to add a TXT record.

sudo certbot certonly --manual --preferred-challenges dns

Follow the setup process. When it prompts on which domain would need the TLS certs to be requested, please use asterisk (*) in front of the chosen domain name.


Continue the process of adding the txt records in the DNS and eventually the keys will then be created and can be installed on all the servers.

How to delete all Kubernetes jobs in a namespace ?

Somehow, I was not able to find easily the command to remove all jobs in a single namespace. It could be that I just missed it, but I hope after this, no one needs to spend too much time to find it.

kubectl delete jobs --all -n <namespace> 

And on top of it, you can also use the field selector to delete jobs based on their labels.

kubectl delete jobs --field-selector status.successful=0 -n <namespace>

Configure application to launch during start up on Windows 10

Not happen often, but in case you end up in a situation where you need to have an app to launch during start up but cannot set it anywhere in the app itself, you can do the following:

  1. Open the ‘startup’ directory by pressing Windows + R and type shell:startup
  2. Find the application you want to launch during start up in the Applications folder by pressing Windows + R and type shell:appsfolder.
  3. Copy / drag the application you find in Applications folder to the start up directory.