Do The Work

There are lots of productivity advice out there. Various self-help books are becoming very famous. I know there are many people who believe that they are completely useless. That they are selling dreams and empty promises.

I don’t agree. At least, not completely. I agree, though, there are useless books out there. However, I believe that the reason those books are “useless” because people just read them and do nothing about it. While ultimately, the authors of those books, often tell you to do something. To work on it. To work for your success.

Do the work. Even though you are tired. Give it 100%. Be flexible. Is it not the way you accustomed to? Then be flexible, do the work, make it work.

An important ingredient for doing the work is boredom.

And nowadays, being bored seems to be avoided.

If boredom is a necessary ingredient, then portable internet is a disaster for doing the work.

This guy explained it very well – we would do everything to not actually do the work – while doing the work is the ultimate way to go forward. The best productivity advice, indeed.

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