Configure application to launch during start up on Windows 10

Not happen often, but in case you end up in a situation where you need to have an app to launch during start up but cannot set it anywhere in the app itself, you can do the following:

  1. Open the ‘startup’ directory by pressing Windows + R and type shell:startup
  2. Find the application you want to launch during start up in the Applications folder by pressing Windows + R and type shell:appsfolder.
  3. Copy / drag the application you find in Applications folder to the start up directory.

Updating Unifi Controller Docker container in Synology DSM 6.2

Here are the steps I did to upgrade the docker container of Unifi Controller ( on my Synology.

  • Make a backup of the Unifi controller
  • Open the Docker application
  • Go to the Registry, and search for the image.
  • Click download, and choose the ‘latest’ tag
  • This will download the latest image and overwrite the existing older image
  • Stop the container that was built on the old image.
  • Highlight it and select the Clear action.
  • Restart the container and it will be built from the new image.

Renewing Let’s Encrypt in Synology DSM 6

Since I don’t want to open port 80 permanently the effort to renewing LE certificate is doubled.

So this is a note to myself, the step to renewing LE cert is the following:

  1. Install/Run Webstation
  2. Disable firewall
  3. Open port 80 on the router
  4. Go to Control Panel –> Security –> Certificate –> Renew the cert
  5. Enable firewall
  6. Close port 80 on the router
  7. Uninstall /Stop Webstation (don’t want to have useless app running)

If I remember this last time, it will only take 15 min max for me. I can manage to do this 4 times a year :D

Using Plex

I heard about Plex from my colleague a few years back. That guy told me that it is a media server that can manage all of your media in a pretty and easy way. I didn’t bite.

A few months ago, Plex came again to my attention. But now I did bite.

The reason: I am tired of watching movies or tv-series on my laptop connected to the TV with an HDMI cable. So I rent a VPS, install Plex and also Sickbeard and Sabnzbd. One day, I needed to move it to a new VPS. Me was not happy. That’s when I decided to automate it with Ansible.

Here is the repo: I don’t think it could be used by others but I think it is still good to share it. Maybe, somehow, it is useful for someone.

Amsterdam Science Park

I found a super nice picture of the surrounding of Amsterdam Science Park at night photographed by my colleague a few months back. I just feel it is worth to share.

This photo means so much to me because the building in the middle of the picture is The University of Amsterdam, the university in which I successfully earned my master degree just a month ago. :)

Amsterdam Science Park Night Sky by Panagiotis Stravopodis on