How to delete all Kubernetes jobs in a namespace ?

Somehow, I was not able to find easily the command to remove all jobs in a single namespace. It could be that I just missed it, but I hope after this, no one needs to spend too much time to find it.

kubectl delete jobs --all -n <namespace> 

And on top of it, you can also use the field selector to delete jobs based on their labels.

kubectl delete jobs --field-selector status.successful=0 -n <namespace>

Configure application to launch during start up on Windows 10

Not happen often, but in case you end up in a situation where you need to have an app to launch during start up but cannot set it anywhere in the app itself, you can do the following:

  1. Open the ‘startup’ directory by pressing Windows + R and type shell:startup
  2. Find the application you want to launch during start up in the Applications folder by pressing Windows + R and type shell:appsfolder.
  3. Copy / drag the application you find in Applications folder to the start up directory.

Updating Unifi Controller Docker container in Synology DSM 6.2

Here are the steps I did to upgrade the docker container of Unifi Controller ( on my Synology.

  • Make a backup of the Unifi controller
  • Open the Docker application
  • Go to the Registry, and search for the image.
  • Click download, and choose the ‘latest’ tag
  • This will download the latest image and overwrite the existing older image
  • Stop the container that was built on the old image.
  • Highlight it and select the Clear action.
  • Restart the container and it will be built from the new image.

Renewing Let’s Encrypt in Synology DSM 6

Since I don’t want to open port 80 permanently the effort to renewing LE certificate is doubled.

So this is a note to myself, the step to renewing LE cert is the following:

  1. Install/Run Webstation
  2. Disable firewall
  3. Open port 80 on the router
  4. Go to Control Panel –> Security –> Certificate –> Renew the cert
  5. Enable firewall
  6. Close port 80 on the router
  7. Uninstall /Stop Webstation (don’t want to have useless app running)

If I remember this last time, it will only take 15 min max for me. I can manage to do this 4 times a year :D

Using Plex

I heard about Plex from my colleague a few years back. That guy told me that it is a media server that can manage all of your media in a pretty and easy way. I didn’t bite.

A few months ago, Plex came again to my attention. But now I did bite.

The reason: I am tired of watching movies or tv-series on my laptop connected to the TV with an HDMI cable. So I rent a VPS, install Plex and also Sickbeard and Sabnzbd. One day, I needed to move it to a new VPS. Me was not happy. That’s when I decided to automate it with Ansible.

Here is the repo: I don’t think it could be used by others but I think it is still good to share it. Maybe, somehow, it is useful for someone.