Configuring FreeBSD Jails with Puppet

I have been playing around with Docker for my master thesis and found out that Docker is going to be the de-facto standard for container. When I was researching about Docker that I also found out about FreeBSD Jails. Moreover, I also decided to play around with Puppet while I am anyway busy with this.

This post therefore is going to describe a scenario of having two Jails which would be managed by Puppet and the networking issue around it.

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How to Install BIND on Ubuntu 14.04.2 from Source

It is indeed possible to install BIND on Ubuntu by using apt-get install bind9. But sometime the geek inside our soul wants to torture itself by doing installation from source.

This tutorial is based on Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS and BIND 9.10.2. If you are using different version, then you need to modify some names in this tutorial. Or, this might not work at all, because you know, it is different.

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