Dependency CCS failed to install

This error has been bugging me last time when I was installing Watson Studio on IBM Cloud Pak for Data, running on OCP 4.8.

Dependency CCS failed to install
Unable to install CSS prerequisite

Apparently the reason is that one of the required service, IBM Common Core Service has not been installed correctly. One of the pods failed to pull the image due to pull secret issue with IBM Entitlement Key.

Please make sure that the secret has been propagated correctly to all worker nodes.

Somehow once it fails, it will be problematic.

How to delete all Kubernetes jobs in a namespace ?

Somehow, I was not able to find easily the command to remove all jobs in a single namespace. It could be that I just missed it, but I hope after this, no one needs to spend too much time to find it.

kubectl delete jobs --all -n <namespace> 

And on top of it, you can also use the field selector to delete jobs based on their labels.

kubectl delete jobs --field-selector status.successful=0 -n <namespace>

HP Enyv 4500 Problem on Windows 8.1

I have a printer, HP Envy 4500 that couldn’t print anything longer than three pages. It kept stopping in the middle of the printing job. The printer showed that the job is cancelled and the laptop showed: Printer Error – HP ENVY cancelling print job.

So far, I could always find other excuse to not use the printer at all. But today, I decided to fix it.

After trying different methods suggested by people, which were not solving anything, finally I found one ultimate answer. It was an answer fromĀ  Mystic_Alchemy, quite deep down a thread of an HP forum.

  1. First find out what the IP address of your printer is. You can do this by pressing the small wifi button on the front of your printer and it will show the IP address.
  2. Then what you’ll have to do is go to the start menu of your computer and search for “Devices and Printers”.
  3. Click that and a screen will open. Look for your printer an right click.
  4. Click “Printer Properties” and a new screen will open.
  5. Along the top you will see a few tabs. Click the one that says “Ports”
  6. Click “Add Port”
  7. Highlight “Standard TCP/IP Port” by clicking on it, then click “New Port”
  8. A new screen will open.
  9. Click “Next”
  10. Type in the IP Address of your printer and click “Next”
  11. After that your computer should find your printer.
  12. Click finish

By now, all should be set and ready to go!

Configuring FreeBSD Jails with Puppet

I have been playing around with Docker for my master thesis and found out that Docker is going to be the de-facto standard for container. When I was researching about Docker that I also found out about FreeBSD Jails. Moreover, I also decided to play around with Puppet while I am anyway busy with this.

This post therefore is going to describe a scenario of having two Jails which would be managed by Puppet and the networking issue around it.

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How to Install BIND on Ubuntu 14.04.2 from Source

It is indeed possible to install BIND on Ubuntu by using apt-get install bind9. But sometime the geek inside our soul wants to torture itself by doing installation from source.

This tutorial is based on Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS and BIND 9.10.2. If you are using different version, then you need to modify some names in this tutorial. Or, this might not work at all, because you know, it is different.

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